Week 77: MY LAST EMAIL IN PORTUGAL???????????

Sorry, I was going to have a super mature, fancy title for this last email but I really have no calm words! Well folks this is it!!! My last email from Portugal!!!! WILD STUFF!!!! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED???? This week went crazy fast, unfortunately!! We are working hard and staying super busy between appointments, surprise … Continue reading Week 77: MY LAST EMAIL IN PORTUGAL???????????


Week 76: Fogo-Pá

Hello friends and family!!! In Portuguese from Portugal, there is a word called pá. It is literally just a verbal exclamation point. They throw it in wherever to add exclamation. These are the little things I will miss. This week our friend Erica called us over to have a family night with her and her … Continue reading Week 76: Fogo-Pá